High Sensitivity KNAUER LightGuide UV Flow Cell Cartridge

Product Nr.:AMD59XA


The high sensitivity KNAUER LightGuide flow cell cartridge combines maximum light throughput (due to total internal reflection) with minimal peak dispersion (due to the small cell volume) to guarantee an optimized S/N ratio. This flow cell is ideal for trace analysis. This flow cell is compatible with the following KNAUER detectors: AZURA DAD 6.1L, DAD 2.1L, MWD 2.1L.

Technical Data

Flow cell

Flow cell type Analytical UV flow cell
Biocompatible No
Fiber optics version No
Capillary connection 1/16''
Wetted materials PEEK / quartz (SUPRASIL) / teflon (PTFE) / stainless steel
Path length 50 mm
Flow cell volume 6 µl
Maximum flow rate 5 ml/min
Maximum pressure 50 bar
Note 2 µl dispersion volume

Downloads and more information

  • KNAUER flow cell cartridge Supplement EN (V6708A)

    • Manual
    • English
    • PDF
    • 3.1 MB
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